JD Miniear seeks to serve Indianapolis supporting President Trump

JD Miniear seeks to serve Indianapolis supporting President Trump

JD Miniear seeks to serve Indianapolis supporting President TrumpJD Miniear seeks to serve Indianapolis supporting President Trump

As a pro-growth conservative defender of freedom he will effectively represent IN-7 in Washington helping Keep America Great

Virtual Town Hall

Check here for date and time for our Virtual Town Hall coming up the first week of April covering all things related to COVID-19 and the Stimulus

Absentee Ballot by Mail Application

Due to the corona virus crisis the state of Indiana has ruled every registered voter is eligible to vote absentee in the upcoming primary to be held on June 2.  Click on the button below and download your absentee by mail ballot application. 

Support the Campaign

Help JD flip the 7th District retiring ultra-liberal Andre Carson (D), preventing Nancy Pelosi from controlling the U.S. House and returning power to We the People promised in our Constitution

Congressman Mark Green TN-7 Conservative Coalition Meeting

Freedom Caucus

JD wants to go to Washington and join the House Freedom Caucus a group of conservative Republican members of Congress who are strong supporters of the Trump agenda.  

Pictured left is Freedom Caucus member Dr. Mark Green a West Point grad and Bronze Star veteran who was chosen to interrogate Saddam Hussein in Iraq.

The Platform


A time for choosing

Promoting the legacy of our state's first Hoosier

Protecting Critical Infrastructure

It's time for choosing a new direction for the Indiana 7th Congressional District.  Time for choosing a leader who will boldy take a stand against political correctness and corruption.


JD will go to Washington and fight for:

  • Defending our Constitution and President Trump
  • Building the wall and stopping sanctuary cities
  • Balanced Budget Amendment
  • Maintaining strong economic growth via tax cuts and slashing regulations
  • Cutting wasteful spending
  • Auditing the Fed
  • Replacing and repealing Obamacare
  • U.S. energy independence
  • Strongly supporting Israel
  • Term limits
  • Pro-life
  • Stopping Common Core
  • Protecting 2nd Amendment
  • Defending religious liberties
  • Protecting our seniors and shoring up social security
  • Supporting our troops, modernizing our military and VA 


Protecting Critical Infrastructure

Promoting the legacy of our state's first Hoosier

Protecting Critical Infrastructure

As a member of Dr. Peter Pry's Task Force on National and Homeland Security and the Center for Security Policy's Secure the Grid Coaltion Congressional Advisory Boards I want to join the U.S. House EMP Caucus helping fashion legislation to fund and harden our nation's electric grid.


We live in a microchip based society and last March President Trump became the first Commander in Chief to sign an executive order on hardening our nation's electric grid and protecting it from EMP and severe solar storms.

This past December's National Defense Authorization Act 2020 put the president's executive order language into law and the Congressional EMP Caucus can lead the way in promoting grid security for America.

NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Space Weather Prediction Center pointed out in July 2012 we had a near miss of a super solar storm which would have taken us back to the 1800’s economy knocking out power generation and electric transformers across America.  

They revised their projections to state we have a 12% chance of experiencing another Carrington level super solar storm per decade.

North Korea and Iran have a treaty calling for each nation to mutually share nuclear weapons technology. Currently North Korea and Iran orbit satellites over the continental United States.

If a satellite were to detonate a nuclear explosion at high altitude experts state it would take out other satellites and we may not know precisely which nation detonated the nuclear EMP blast (North Korea, Iran, Russia, China..?).

If a terrorist group were to obtain a nuclear tipped missile.  Place it on a tramp trawler and explode at high altitude off our coast they could potentially take down the entire Eastern Grid which includes Indiana.

The fragility of our nation’s electric grid was demonstrated in 2003 when a tree limb fell on power lines near Akron, OH cascading power outages throughout the northeast effecting 50 million people over 2 days causing 11 deaths.


Promoting the legacy of our state's first Hoosier

Promoting the legacy of our state's first Hoosier

Promoting the legacy of our state's first Hoosier

Kristina and I have been educating the public on the origin of our state nickname having created our Harry Hoosier Project for the Indiana Bicentennial Commission 4 years ago.

Conservatives believe in conserving and perpetuating the good in our past and the life story of circuit riding black Methodist preacher Harry Hoosier is about one of the greatest faith heroes in American history.  

Once  afforded the privilege of going to Washington to serve the great people of Indianapolis I would have Harry Hoosier placed in the Congressional Record to honor his unparalleled legacy of Christian ministry during the founding years of our nation and proclaim him our state's original Hoosier.

Indiana's 7th District congressmen and candidates have weighed in on how we received the Hoosier nickname in every century. 

U.S. House Representative Joseph Wright (D) in the 1800's, who also would go on to serve as governor, claimed an Indian word for corn "hoosa" was the origin.

JP Dunn (D) in the early 1900's authored the book "The Word Hoosier" an exhaustive study of the origins of the term. He determined "hoosa" was not plausible preferring the word "hoozer" an element of speech used by inhabitants of the Cumberland Region in England who later immigrated to Southern Indiana.

JP Dunn the candidate would lose his race for IN-7 to Jesse Overstreet (R) who introduced one of the key pieces of economic legislation in American history that became the Gold Standard Act.